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Welcome to Lone Peak Advisers

Lone Peak Advisers (LPA) is a Premier Asset Management Firm focused on providing clients access to 1000's of asset management strategies for a tailored approach to achieving your investment objectives.


The Platinum Client Service Experience drives our holistic approach to wealth development by incorporating every aspect of a client's financial situation and bringing it together in an easy to use client experience.

Our Platinum Client Experience Makes All The Difference

Excellence in Service

We go above and beyond what is generally expected from a financial advisory firm. The Platinum Client Experience is a level of service our Advisors take pride in delivering to our most valuable asset, our clients.

Consistency & Highly Responsive 

Every interaction is met with the highest standard of excellence.  We require immediate recognition of calls or inquires.


Technology has expanded our ability to connect with our clients. Receiving timely advice, specific to your needs, is our priority. Connecting with your Advisor has never been so simple, whether by phone, email, video or chat portal, we have the answers you need, when you need them.

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Easy to Use Financial Dashboard

Our client dashboard brings all financial assets & liabilities into the client dashboard. Tracking your financial wellness has never been easier.


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Premier Asset Management

Holistic Financial Planning

Tailored Fiduciary Advice

Institutional Employee Benefit Packages

Self Directed Brokerage Accounts

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